Group Coaching Mastermind

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Group Coaching Mastermind with ImVure™ 


What's Included:


  • discount to #BADHABITDETOX™ Coaching Program and all course and programs
  • All Group Coaching Mastermind Features Unlocked 
  • Personalized Premium Client Portal for all coaching needs 
  • 3 months duration
  • Email & messenger Support | Response within 24 hours
  • Downloadable audio and video playback of all sessions saved in premium client portal for playback
  • Lifetime access to all materials and sessions for reference. No expiration dates unless client agreement is violated.
  • New Feature: Exclusive Retreat Getaway Intensive for entire group at end of term INCLUDED


Further details revealed via Consultation Call. Email us at to schedule your appointment. 


Prerequisite Requirements: 


In order to receive this Premium service, you must have completed one of the the following: 


  • Experience already in receiving previous coaching. We will ask you for proof by showing documentation of the prior coaching you have completed. If it meets the standards of the ImVure™ Way, we can accept you for premium coaching. 


  • Completion of the #BADHABITDETOX™ Coaching Program


We understand when you have invested in another company, and may have been let down. This is why we make exceptions to the rule. We are not here to force you to take on our program if you have already invested thousands into another service. However, we do recommend if you are qualified for Premium status via taking on another prior service, you at least complete the #BADHABITDETOX™ Coaching Program you have a discount for as a Group Coaching client. We strongly advise you do this once you buy. This will guide you to clean up the fundamentals and bad habits you obtained from the coaching prior. 


We're only here to see the best success come out of you. We can't do that with you unless we're on the same page.


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Further details revealed via Consultation Call. Email us at to schedule your appointment. We respond within 24 hours.